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Common Applications:
  • Automotive Accessories
  • RV Accessories
  • Mobile Heavy Equipment
  • Marine/Boating
  • Factory Floor / Automation
  • Laboratory
  • Hobbiest
  • Robotics
  • General purpose DC power supply designed for 12v and 24vdc applications.
  • Vibration resistant interconnects.
  • Rated to industrial temperature range of -40c to +85c (-40F to +185F).
  • Standard output voltages: 3.3v, 5.0v, 9.0v, 12v, and 15v. Custom voltages available.
  • 3 Amp maximum output.
  • Low ripple voltage of 50mV max, full load.
  • Wide power supply input range of (Vout +3v) to 32Vdc.
  • Automatic current limiting protects device from overload.
  • Available in surface Mount or DIN Rail Mount enclosures.

Product Summary:

The OEC9301 is a general purpose step-down DC/DC converter designed for 12vdc and 24vdc vehicle, marine and heavy equipment installations. The design uses a step-down switchmode power supply which creates much less heat than comparable linear or resistive type regulators.

Wiring is simple and a power LED on the output indicates when the power supply is functioning. The terminal blocks are a vibration resistant spring/clamp design.

The power supply features automatic current limiting which prevents overload by lowering the output voltage when the current limit is exceeded.

For full description and installation information, please refer to the Data Sheet below.

Download OEC9301 Data Sheet
Surface Mount Enclosure
DIN Rail Mount Enclosure

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