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Common Applications:
  • Nitrous enable/disable
  • Racing Shift Lights
  • Industrial Feed Controls
  • Throttle Controls
  • Tachometer
  • Two independent RPM on/off points
  • Fast update rate, typically once every 50 milliseconds (20 updates per second)
  • Rated to industrial temperature range of -40c to +85c   (-40F to +185F)
  • Solid state relays provide electrical isolation and will not wear out or arc like mechanical relays
  • Functional range of 10 RPM to 19,990 RPM
  • Typical full range accuracy of (+/-) 0.2%
    Wide power supply range of 8 – 32Vdc
  • Directly measure RPM from: Low side of ignition coil, Fuel injector, Inductive pickup, ECM/ECU signal output

Product Summary:

The OEC9123 will measure RPM from a variety of signal sources, and switch two independently controlled loads on/off according to user preset values. The on/off points are preset using three momentary pushbuttons. The number of signal pulses per revolution (PPR) is preset using the same pushbuttons.

When an on preset RPM is reached, the corresponding SSR (solid state relay) closes until either the RPM drops below that preset or the RPM rises above the independent off preset. This provides the option of an RPM “window”.

For full description and installation information, please refer to the Data Sheet below.


Download OEC9123 Data Sheet
Available in four different colors

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